Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkins and Halloween

Yesterday, on Halloween, we set out for a pumpkin patch to get some pics of Lola frolicking amongst the pumpkins. You know, the typical pumpkin/baby pics. Well, turns out, all pumpkin patches close on the 30th. Like, all of them. So, we decided to improvise and go to the store, buy our own pumpkins and have a photo shoot in the yard. After visiting three stores, all who had NO pumpkins, we finally found a Lowe's that was selling small pie pumpkins for $1 a piece. Done.

We got home, set up our photo shoot area and snapped some pics of Lola and her pumpkins!
 This is her new 'smile' face. When we tell her to smile, this is what she does! 

 Embracing no makeup. At least I washed my hair, though. 

After the pumpkin photo shoot, we quickly moved on to a costume photo shoot! This year, Lola was a lady bug -- the cutest lady bug ever! And she didn't even mind the costume...she actually reached for it and seemed to enjoy having it on. 

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!!


  1. Love, LOVE that last pic! It needs to be blown up and framed.

  2. So cute, she likes the pumpkin, wonderful photos!