Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catching Up: Lola's First Birthday Party!

Your child's first birthday party is a little intimidating - or at least it was for me. You are inviting all your friends and family over to witness a big milestone in your child's life and things should be...well, perfect. Also, the photos taken at this event will be looked at forever. FOREVER. So, again, it must be perfect.

I started planning Lola's party almost two months in advance, however, I was still scurrying to do things the morning of. I'm not quite sure how this happens...I think I just subconsciously enjoy it.

I wanted the theme to be 'shabby chic' with a very pastel, happy color pallet. I wanted to keep the budget small so I made a lot of stuff myself. But, I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without my amazing mom who helped take care of Lola, helped me clean, made her smash cake AND cupcake, etc., etc., etc.! Thanks, Wandawg!

Oh, I also planned for the party to be outside but it, of course, decided to rain so those plans were botched. And all the yard work that Shane worked on the two weeks prior was all for not. Ha!

Here are the results of our efforts and the celebration of Lola's first year!

 Our garage drink station...not my vision but we made the best of it!

We had a great time and Lola ate a LOT of cake. She was definitely a fan. Thanks to all who came and helped us celebrate!

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