Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Okay, Seriously.

I've got to get better at blogging. It's crazy that I thought that when becoming a stay at home mom I'd have so much time for blogging, decorating, working out, etc., etc., etc. - then I came to the realization that I also have a child to care for. And one who is now almost 6 MONTHS OLD (holy growing baby!) and does more than just sleep all day. Sooo....I don't get any of that stuff done unless Shane is around. But, such is life and I know that I am so lucky to be able to stay home and raise my sweet Lola. 

Anywho, moving on. A good bit has happened since January (sadly, the last time I blogged) - here's a recap:

Lola turned 4 Months Old:

Lola turned 5 Months Old:

She made Valentine's cards for her grandparents and Daddy and wore a ridiculously cute warm up suit:
We finally got around to painting Lola's room, but I don't have final 'After' pics yet, nor do I have 'Before' pics. Just imagine this room...a different color:

As far as other house projects go, my dad actually had the house painted today, we hope to have a fence up in the coming weeks and we're looking at doing some work in the kitchen. And more painting - the story of our lives. I promise to take pics of the house and post tomorrow! 

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