Thursday, September 23, 2010

I’m Alive! And Married!

It’s was July the last time I blogged…and that seems like years ago! So much has happened over the past two and a half months, it’s crazy!

July: Went on my bachelorette party trip to Charleston! I had a great group of bridesmaids and friends that attended and we had an awesome time! (I came home with bruises but I wasn’t exactly sure where they came from. That equals a damn good time.)

We were in the VIP section...not sure who the guy on the right is...but we were VIP.

August: Shane and I, after 11 years of dating, got married! The event was everything that I dreamed of and more. My bridesmaids (Danielle, Mandy, Jennie, Jenny, Andrea and Kelly) made sure that my day was smooth and stress free. And besides my meltdown about my hair-do, it really was. Thanks so much ladies – I love you all! It was also so good to have our friends and family in one space together with us to help celebrate. I don’t have all of my pictures from Zach Porter Photography yet (only the ones up until the ceremony) but here are some of my faves so far:

After the wedding, we spent our honeymoon in beautiful Belize. It was AMAZING. The island is small, quiet, not touristy and was perfect for us. Pictures to come...

September: This month has been spent trying to get back into the groove of regular life and remembering what I did at work before I had a wedding to plan. I did experience a little bit of depression (minor, it didn’t necessitate medication or anything) that the wedding was all over. It was no longer all about me, I mean me and Shane. J There were no more parties in our honor, no more having friends go out of their way to do something for us, no more decisions to be made…nothing. Just us. And to answer the questions that we receive all the time now:

Does it feel different to be married? Nope. The only thing different is that I get to wear two rings and a new fancy watch that was given to me as a wedding present from hubs (yay for me! I can feel myself becoming a jewelry whore) and I call him my husband. Which is really weird and I still haven’t come to terms with that being normal yet.

How is married life? The same as boyfriend/girlfriend, living in sin life.

When are you having babies? Inappropriate question, next.

When are you going to change your name? When are you going to tell me how to change my name? I mean I’m sure I could Google it (like I do everything else in my life) but I don’t know…leaving my last name behind (or making it my middle name) makes me feel like I’m leaving my roots behind. And let’s be real about the whole ‘make your last name your middle name thing’…no one ever hears your middle name. How many people know that my middle name is Lynn? Eeexxxxactly. So, to answer the question, when Shane tells me that I have to.

What’s your new last name? It’s Wilson. Stacy Wilson. I’ll be releasing my country record early next year – mark your calendars.

And on the house front, the backyard has been struggling since the new sod went in. We’ve already lost one shrub (RIP) and two others are teetering on the edge. But we were rushing to do this before the wedding and Atlanta was experiencing 100+ degree temperatures…so, probably not the best move on our part. But we are doing our best to help it make it to the fall.

I’ve done a few painting projects around the house, but nothing really exciting.

Hope everyone is well! I’ll try to get back on a regular blogging schedule in the coming weeks.


  1. Finally, the waiting is over. A new post to feast my eyes on!

  2. Yes ma'am, I have been stalking your page almost every day and all I see is, 'Got Grass?'...thanks for updating! The wedding pics are gorgeous and I can't wait to see more!

  3. Yes - I'm BAAAAACCCCKKK! Stobbe - so glad you like the pics, I can't wait to see the rest of them!