Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gutters: So Fresh, So Clean

The new, white gutters are on! They were supposed to go on last Thursday but it was too late by the time the contractor got they installed them on Friday morning. Bright and early. Imagine 7 a.m. (and in mine and Shane's case, we do have to imagine that hour) and it sounding like someone was beating on the roof from all angles...oh well, they were worth it! Check 'em out!

I know, super dramatic, right? Gutters are such a non-glamourous improvement.

We also have to do a little bit of paint touch up (or I could use this as excuse #2 to paint the house...hmmmm) because a gutter was moved from the back to the side:
Again, not super dramatic, but I think that the white is OK...what do you think?? Or can you even tell a difference? :)


  1. They look fabulous! Nice call on moving the downspout!

  2. I like the white! Nice and clean. Great job!