Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sawin' it Off

We purchased two very exciting things this week.

Numero uno: Doors for our laundry room. (I use the word 'room''s a closet.)
Numero dos: A circular saw.

Why did we buy these things? How are they related? I'll tell you.

We bought the doors last Saturday. They measured to the exact size of our laundry room opening, which means - they won't fit. Well, the guy told us that the size listed was the 'call size' and that they should fit fine. Well, they almost did. But were about an 1/2" too long. So, we tossed around the idea of sanding them down, taking them back and having Home Depot cut them down, giving up, just leaning them against the opening, etc. We ended up purchasing said circular saw to do it ourselves.

After Shane figured out how to load the blade and all that jazz, we skimmed off 1/8" of the bottom of the door. We were then going to take another 1/8" off the top. But then we just decided to take a 1/2" off the bottom instead...Measure once, cut three times - right?

I have mentioned several times that you couldn't find a square corner in my home if you tried, so unfortunately the door is a little bit 'off.' Not much though...not to the naked eye...

Take a look!



The doors still need to be painted but it is a DEFINITE improvement...Agree?