Thursday, November 15, 2012

And Baby Makes THREE!

It's been quite a while and, let's just say, a lot has gone down these past two months! Most importantly, we welcomed Lola Ann (it was a girl - so shocked!) into this world on September 21 at 5:32 p.m. She was/is the most perfect baby in the world and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is most definitely the best thing we have ever done, separate or together. 

Okay, enough words - here are some pics of the best baby in the world! 
6 pounds 7 ounces - a wee one! 
Yes, look at all that hair! I know it is only a wives tale, but I had the most miserable heartburn during my pregnancy and I think this hair is why!
I'm pretty sure this picture was taken at like 4 a.m. So glad we are somewhat on a schedule now. 
Lola and Daddy
 After I came out of the post-partum cloud, I finally got my camera out and we had a little photo shoot!
 I want to eat these little feet!
 How time flies! Lola turned one month old on October 21! And, yes, that is spit up on her shirt. It happens. 
 First family photo
Keepin' it real. She does have her moments. And apparently I find them funny.
Happy 1st Halloween! I was a little out of it this year and didn't decorate or make a big deal out of Halloween. But this is my favorite holiday and I promise that next year will be epic. Epic. 

Okay, before I exceed the photo limit on Blogger...I'll stop! These past two months have gone by fast, yet slow - it's a very weird feeling. But we love her more than anything and I can't wait for what's to come!

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