Monday, March 26, 2012

Like Baby, Baby, Baby Oooooo….

That title has two purposes…it’s a Justin Bieber reference (yeah, I’m a fan) and it’s to announce our big news – WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

I’m 13 weeks tomorrow and everything is going good! Here is a pic of the little guy/lady that was taken at the doctor this morning:

When we went in this morning, this was the first time I had the sonogram done on my belly. Others were a little less ‘comfortable.’ He/she was moving all around, kicking, moving its arms, tossing and turning…it was crazy to see it actually acting like a baby! And, of course, this would be the picture that is snapped of our child…naturally! I imagine it is singing 'Throw yer hands in the ayer!'

I’ve been keeping a pregnancy journal to detail all of the fun details, thus far, and I’ll share some of that, along with pictures, over the coming months! So, for those looking for renovation updates, I doubt there will be many of those. As if there were any over the past two months, anyway. J

We are so excited! It still feels surreal…

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  1. I'm sooo happy for y'all!! He or she is gorgeous already!!!!