Friday, November 18, 2011

I Met the 10-Year Old Version of Myself

Well, first, I didn’t meet her…but I wanted to. 

Here’s how it started…I went by Atlanta Bread Company today to pick up some lunch. After I ordered, I look over and there is this young girl who is wearing an identical shirt to one that I recently purchased. 

I sit down at a table next to her, her sister and her grandma to wait for my food. Her sister has this diary that she is trying to open - remember the old school kind that had Lisa Frank unicorns on it with a little lock and key? Awesome. Although this one was purple with a couple of cats on it…Anyway, my 10-year old self looks at her and says: 

‘You know that diary isn’t just for writing.’ 
10-year old version: ‘It’s for recording all of the bad things that happen in your life.’ 
Sister: ‘But I don’t have bad things in my life.’ 
10-year old version: Gone…she’s moved on to something else – grandma. 

Her grandma had dumped out her drink and she immediately walked over to her and said: 

‘Gi-gi, why did you dump my drink out? I was not done with that.’ 
Grandma: ‘It was almost empty, I thought you were done.’ 
10-year old version: ‘No, if I was done, I would have told you I was done.’ 

They all pack up and leave…AND she forgets her coat. 

I seriously felt like I was watching myself, just maybe 20 years younger (actually, only 18 years). :)

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