Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Librarian Yelled at Me

I was in a training class today and got out a little early, so on my way home I decided to stop by the library and drop off a book I had checked out and pick up the next in the series (yes, it's still the Karin Slaughter series and I'm obsessed). I find my book, as well as this month's book club book (yes, I'm just now getting started and our meeting is next week), and proceed to the checkout counter.

I'm greeted by a mousy little guy. I hand him my library card, he scans it and then lets out a really heavy sigh. 'Uh, you have several late fees here that will need to be paid before you can check out another book. It looks like the book you just returned was 43 days late and the two that you returned a few weeks ago were 23 days late...AND, you put an audio book in the night drop.' I am a little taken back by this TOTALLY RANDOM attack so I respond with 'Okay, well how much are the fees, and where should I return audio books in the future?' He informs me that my late fees total a whopping $9.70 and the audio books go in the drop box at the front of the building - DUH!

I get out my check card and go to ask some more questions about the deadlines on my new books, but before I can get my question out he tells me they only accept cash or check. Okkkkaaaayyyyy.....I had cash, but didn't want to break a $20 (yeah, I'm not sure why either...they are sacred, I guess) so I write him a check.

He finally lets me ask about the deadlines and the process around checking books out, since I wasn't properly informed during my last visit, and I swear he was talking so loud as he explained it! Almost like he was showing off in front of the other librarians! I have no problem copping an attitude in a situation like this, but I honestly had no idea what to I thanked him (for the embarassing verbal lashing), tucked my tail between my legs and left the building. The walk from the desk to the exit felt like a mile long.

I have thus learned my lesson and swear to never be late ever again. I put my book due dates on my Outlook calendar at work and on my Google calendar.

I'm sorry...I'll never do it again. Swear.

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  1. What a jerk! He's probably not even a librarian....just a clerk (not that being a clerk is a bad thing....just sayin').